Banana Muffin | Quick to bake


Another amazing, quick and easy banana recipe. It’s light, moist and I have never loved any muffin more than a banana muffin! Are you ready to try it out? I really hope your answer would be ” hell yes!” 🙂 . A lot of time I use Cavendish banana for my banana recipes. Find out more about banana health benefits.

Note: Very ripe bananas are key to a beautiful and gorgeous smelling muffin, but mind that when the banana ripen the sugar content of the fruit also increases. You might want to reduce the sugar added to the ingredients.

Let’s carry on with the baking…

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Refreshing prawn salad| Vietnamese Inspired

Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia, bordered by three countries, China, Laos and Cambodia. They have a great food culture, famous for ‘pho’. Like many other asian countries rice or noodles are essential parts of the daily meal, their main source of carbohydrates. Whether you’re looking for a light and healthy meal or something with a kick, this Vietnamese inspired prawn noodle salad is perfect for you.

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