Refreshing prawn salad| Vietnamese Inspired

Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia, bordered by three countries, China, Laos and Cambodia. They have a great food culture, famous for ‘pho’. Like many other asian countries rice or noodles are essential parts of the daily meal, their main source of carbohydrates. Whether you’re looking for a light and healthy meal or something with a kick, this Vietnamese inspired prawn noodle salad is perfect for you.



To make the dressing:

Put 1-2 tbsp. fish sauce, juice of 2 lime, 2 red chillies deseeded and finely chopped and season. whisk and set aside.


For the salad, combine 200g boiled/cooked rice noodles, 2 packs cooked tiger prawns, 1/2 finely slice cucumber, 1 carrot cut into thin strips, 3 spring onions shredded, a handful of coriander & mint leaves.

roasted cashew nuts roughly chopped.

You can add more vegetables if you think it will go along with prawn, a little improvisation won’t hurt.

Mix in a lovely salad bowl, make sure that everything is well combined.


And there you have a full of flavours, pack with vitamins refreshing prawn salad!! Enjoy!



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