Asparagus with poached egg | James Martin inspired

Today I have added this James Martin recipe to our blog. Something simple yet filling and healthy.

Serves 2


Ingredients :

500g Asparagus spears, Boiled in a salted water for 3 minutes. These amazing asparagus spears are rich in fibre, vitamin A, C, E etc. Asparagus healthy benefits


2-3 cloves of our favourite garlic, crushed.


100g salted butter & thyme sprigs or Tarragon.


Melt the butter, add in crushed garlic and thyme. (Make sure the garlic are brown & crunchy not burnt).


2 beautiful large chicken eggs.


How to make poach egg technique found on YouTube. img_7829

Slightly toasted Brioche.


Place a bunch of asparagus spears on brioche slice, top up with poached egg and spoon over the sauce. Serve immediately.


Hmm.. Yum!  Goodluck!



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