Mango, avocado and smoked chicken salad |The Gordon Ramsay recipe


This salad by chef Gordon Ramsay is absolutely glorious! You guys have to try, I highly recommend it.


2 Mangoes, I like them very ripe. more tasty

2 Medium size ripe but firm avocados

Mixed salad leaves

300g smoked chicken breast


2 tbsp. Lemon juice, a good size lemon is about 2-3 tbsp. juice.

2 tbsp. orange juice

1 tbsp. Wholegrain mustard

2tbsp. Extra virgin olive oil

2 tbsp. Avocado oil

Salt & pepper

2tbsp pine nuts (optional)



I always start by making the salad dressing. Whisk the ingredients in a cup or using a shaker, set aside and let the flavour blends.



Let us now peel the fruits, halves and remove the stone. Carefully slice the flesh thinly and put into a salad bowl including the salad leaves.

Cut the chicken breasts into thin slices as well. Add into the bowl with the rest of the ingredients, pour in dressing, give it a good toss, divide and SERVE.



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