Mango, avocado and smoked chicken salad |The Gordon Ramsay recipe


I’m guessing most of us had a good “feast like a King” during Christmas season and that’s what makes the occasion extra special..celebrating with family & friends over food. After all the lovely food, it is now time to eat like a normal person again with a good portion of food on the plate. I have found this bounce back after the Christmas pig-out recipe, all tried and tested. This salad is absolutely glorious! It will balance everything and maybe get rid of that guilt feeling. Food boundary is very important! Let’s all eat in moderation just until next Christmas 🙂


2 Mangoes, I like them very ripe. more tasty

2 Medium size ripe but firm avocados

Mixed salad leaves

300g smoked chicken breast


2 tbsp. Lemon juice, a good size lemon is about 2-3 tbsp. juice.

2 tbsp. orange juice

1 tbsp. Wholegrain mustard

2tbsp. Extra virgin olive oil

2 tbsp. Avocado oil

Salt & pepper

2tbsp pine nuts (optional)



I always start by making the salad dressing. Whisk the ingredients in a cup or using a shaker, set aside and let the flavour blends.




Let us now peel the fruits, halves and remove the stone. Carefully slice the flesh thinly and put into a salad bowl including the salad leaves.

Cut the chicken breasts into thin slices as well. Add into the bowl with the rest of the ingredients, pour in dressing, give it a good toss, divide and SERVE.



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