Crinkle Cookie Recipes


Today’s challenge is baking crinkle cookies. Plus I have found some more recipes online apart from my own version for you all to try! ENJOY


1 drop of Vanilla extract

140g Golden caster sugar

2 Large eggs

1tsp. Baking powder

180g Plain flour

4tbsp. Unsalted butter

180g Mix of milk & dark chocolate

80g Icing sugar

a pinch of salt


Heat up the oven to a maximum of 180 degrees, melt the butter & chocolate in a pan or using the microwave until it’s all smooth. Set aside to cool

Beat the sugar & eggs until smooth & pale, add chocolate mixture, beat again until well blended. Time to add in dry ingredients,vanilla extract and mix well

Create small balls and roll in the icing sugar. Place in a baking tray lined with baking parchment and bake for 10-12 minutes.

This is how mine came out!

The following are what I have found online, they look absolutely yummy and more choices for you guys. Please click links below

Green mint crinkle cookies


Red velvet crinkle cookies


Lemon crinkle cookies


Purple yam crinkle cookies

ube crinkles recipe

Strawberry crinkle cookies


Let me know which one is your favourite 🙂

Good luck! 


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