Another super speedy and fuss free smoothie. Start your morning with this recipe, it’s quick, especially during busy days and at the same time quite filling. As we all know the whole idea behind “breakfast” is breaking your fasting and we tend to skip it when in a hurry and that’s not very good. Why not make smoothie & enjoy your cooked meals during the weekends.

Moving on to the ingredients you will need:

60g Raspberries

60g Blueberries

1 large cup of any unsweetened fresh milk

a drop of Vanilla extract

1tsp clear honey

1tbsp chia seeds, soaked in milk for 10 mins


Blend all together:


Pick your own berries depending on availability


CHIA SEED is a black(grey,brown,white) small, oval shaped seed native to Central and Southern Mexico. It has become a popular ingredient mix to food drinks like smoothies and occasionally use for baking. Apparently it is rich in omega 3 & fibre etc. It’s hydrophilic, tends to absorb liquid 10x its weight when soaked and develop to a gelatinous texture. See images below


It was delicious! One of my absolute favourites


P.S The reason why I only have a couple of raspberries left was because, I have dropped most of them looking for the perfect spot to photograph outside.






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