Apart from muesli, cereals and the good old toast I consider porridge as my power breakfast. A bowl of amazing and filling porridge can sustain you for a maximum of four hours or even longer, how great is that? It’s also a very good way to start a happy day. This beautiful combination contains essential minerals that boost a person’s immune system. I love to use milk for a creamier porridge plus it’s an excellent source of calcium which is good for bone health.


a quarter cup of plain oats (really depends on how thick or runny you want your porridge)

1 cup your choice of milk

a drop of vanilla extract

a pinch of salt (optional)

vitamin-packed fresh fruits/berries

1/4tsp. chia seeds



Put oats, salt and milk in a saucepan. Simmer for five minutes, stirring constantly, keep an eye because it can burn easily. When cooked, pour into a bowl, arrange the fresh fruits on top and sprinkle with chia seeds. If you want it extra sweet drizzle with honey.


How easy was that? There are so many versions, but let’s stick with this easy recipe. I’m fairly sure you wouldn’t want to start your day with complications would you? Eat up before your social media clutter!





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