Easy Banana Cheesecake Recipe

I love how I actually spend more time decorating the cheesecake itself with flowers compared to my time spent whipping it. For those who are trying out for the first time at making dessert without jumping right into the complicated process of baking, this is one of the many no bake desserts you can have a go at.


500 gram digestive biscuits or less for a thinner base

250-gram butter, melted. Plus, a knob for banana frying

a hand of bananas, medium ripe, peeled & sliced

300ml double cream plus 150ml extra for topping

3 x 280-gram full fat creamcheese

80 gram icing sugar

1 tbsp. maple syrup

1 can of 397 g carnation caramel sauce

23cm loose bottomed cake tin


Heat up a frying pan, add a knob of butter  and fry the sliced bananas. Set aside to cool when done.

For the base, crush the biscuits and mix together with the melted butter in a bowl. Spoon over into a loose bottomed cake tin, spread and press evenly. Place in the fridge to chill

Time to whisk the double cream until it’s perfectly soft. Mix in creamcheese and icing sugar, whisk again until smooth.

Spoon the filling into the tin with the biscuit base, spread out with a spatula evenly. Arrange the fried bananas on top of the creamcheese filling. Do this thrice to create layers.

For the topping, whisk an extra 150ml double cream and spread on top of the layered dessert. Feel free to design it any way you want to.

I drizzled mine with a bit of caramel sauce. The trick is to heat it up for the sauce to melt a little so it can be drizzled.


Place in the fridge over night, allowing it to set.

There you go, it wasn’t so hard was it? I’m sure you all know by now that banana is my number one favourite baking ingredient. Apparently there are one thousand different types of bananas some are red, some pink and the usual yellow ones. I don’t think I have covered them all yet here I am going bananas 🙂

The cake honestly is very sinful, but so delicious! Take my word for it. Yum!



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