Classic New York Cheesecake

New York cheesecake is a dessert that is undeniably delicious! It’s decadently rich in taste, yet not so heavy. Fluffy in texture and not too sweet, just perfect! It’s hard not to over eat because every slice is a taste of heaven.

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Delicious Rhubarb Cake



I have found another rhubarb recipe to share with you my beautiful kitchen friends. Similar to what I have once baked. But this one is by far my favourite rhubarb cake. This cake is best serve warm from the oven with or without custard and a perfect standby dessert in the kitchen, up to 3 days. Any ginger flavoured biscuit is a good replacement for Amaretti if you haven’t got any. Now let’s see if this recipe is up to your standard?!

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Chicken Syros

Make the most of warm summer days by  cooking this perfect light meal for everyone. It’s very easy to make, you simply have to marinate the chicken in spices for as long as possible! Okay, let’s say overnight up to 2 days’ maximum. This way the meat will become tender and flavourful. Keep refrigerated until you are ready to bring it up on a hot grill to cook & have the best alfresco lunch or dinner!

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Carrot Cupcakes With creamcheese icing

Whenever we go food shopping we over purchase carrots and that’s purely unintentional. We have a big love for carrots, especially when there’s so much more you can do to it. Apart from juicing, it also add a lovely flavour to salad,  and one of many wonderful baking ingredients out there. It makes me the happiest being able to recreate something delicious. My weakness is icing, and finding the best recipe is still a quest. Although eating the cupcakes without it is not bad at all, as it’s very tasty, moist and flavourful.

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