Mackerel and Prawn Vegetable Spring rolls

What is the best thing about homemade spring rolls? the freshness of the ingredients taste so much better than store-bought. This is an exciting blends of Asian flavours and a perfect finger food. I have two recipes that are both absolutely delicious. Flavour variations of spring rolls that i know of are, pork, chicken, vegetables, prawn and many more i have yet to try. My favourite will always be the prawn with vegetables. It’s simply the best!

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Tomato gazpacho

What are we going to do with too many home grown tomatoes? we make gazpacho! A meal that is good for the soul. My top secret trick is to saute the tomatoes with a lot of crushed garlic. This adds an excellent flavour to gazpacho. Set aside to cool and blend with the rest of the ingredients. This recipe is fairly simple and what a wonderful feeling to be able to make your own meal in a snap, especially if you are a kitchen newbie.

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