Prawn Sinigang with Coconut Milk


It’s time to make prawn sinigang! Sinigang is a typical Filipino sour soup dish, it’s one of many dishes that really define and represent the Pinoy cuisine. It’s traditionally tamarind-based with good quality vegetables like aubergine, string beans and water spinach, history says sinigang is related to Malaysia’s singgang recipe, that i don’t know much about. This is a version with a twist of coconut milk to add extra thickness to the soup. I like using king prawns but you can also use beef, pork and fish. King prawns on the other hand blends really well with coconut milk. Sinigang is usually served as main dish with rice or to have the soup without the rice is absolutely fine.

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Grilled Bell Pepper with lots of Garlic and Capers

A dish I’m always excited about, not only because it’s light and simple, but also because of the overwhelming flavour of garlic. This is one of my favourites! It takes about 30 to 40 minutes cooking time.

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Tom Yum Soup with coconut milk

Tom Yum is a well known prawn soup originally from Thailand, the name itself means “spicy, sour  flavour and the boiling process” but it actually does not take an enormous amount of time to make this dish.

It’s fairly simple, as long as you have all the ingredients ready. My favourite ingredient will always be the coconut milk, it adds that creamy goodness to it, also balance and counter the spicy and sour taste of the dish. Coconut milk is optional, this is just based on how i like my tom yum.

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