Green Jelly and Shredded young coconut dessert

The first time I tasted this dessert was when I went to my friend’s house. There was a birthday party going on and an enormous amount of food was laid out nicely on the table, what caught my attention was this green jelly dessert forget about the other delicious dishes. I have had fruit salad growing up, and honestly the only dessert I know.. oh and also two flavours of ice cream sorbet (I was a strange kid running away from the good stuff). This one is apparently similar to fruit salad, but instead it only require two main ingredients, that is the jelly and coconut flesh. Anyway it was very exciting to try something new, I almost wanted to have it all to myself, but that’s impolite. Now, I can easily whip the dessert and i’m morethan happy about it. 

For the jelly | you can use the powder mixture and just add pandan leaves to intensify the flavour or look for any but good quality brand jelly (store-bought being a time saver).


6 cups of water

3 pandan leaves

A good quality green jelly powder ( or can, maximum 2)

1 can carnation condensed milk

2 tubs light double cream (or double cream if you want it slightly thicker)

100 grams or 2 packs shredded young coconut 

Grated sweet tasting cheese (optional)

Nothing is really complicated about this recipe, pour water into a large, deep pot and heat up until the water is fairly hot, drop pandan leaves and boil for a few mins. then add the powder jelly, dissolve (this just take a maximum of 10 mins). Discard pandan leaves and transfer the liquid mixture into a wide, flat dish. Let it set in the fridge for an hour.

When set, you can chop or dice the jelly however you like, so long as it’s bite size pieces. Take out a large mixing bowl and carefully mix all ingredients. Frozen shredded young coconut packs are normally available from Asian markets or if you have access to fresh coconuts, be it a tree, that requires  your climbing skills, that’s exciting and if you are successful the fresh product is so much better. Once everything is well mixed place it back in the fridge to cool and for the flavour to blend well. 

To serve: grated sweet cheese on top adds a bit of edge to this dessert, it might not be for everyone though, so you can always skip the cheese and replace it with something else, like extra fresh fruits to go on top or a good scoop of vanilla ice cream is absolutely perfect.


This is very simple but to die for!! 



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