Easy Beef Burger to Make at Home

How often do you crave and eat burger? at least once a week? If you do, home made or not? that proves you’re actually a nomal human being. Despite what people say about eating these sinful yet heavenly treat, we just couldn’t resist the mouthwatering, tempting taste of well prepared burgers. For those who are unaware, mushrooms are now a popular replacement for the actual bread buns (guilt-free option). Therefore if you are not very fond of the actual burger buns, mushroom is a definite option. Also one of my favourites.

Serves 4


4 organic beef patties, from your local butcher

Brioche buns

4 large portobello or any flat mushrooms


5 large white onions

Pickled large gerkins

Mixed salad leaves, for garnishing

1 gem lettuce, leaves peeled


Burger sauce:

Mayonnaise, barbecue sauce or ketchup

Mozzarella cheese (personal choice)

I’m using Brioche buns in replacement of the standard pre-packed white buns with sesame seeds. It’s my personal favourite and tastier too. If you want to try make your own beef patties, I have found this recipe or visit your local butcher to pick up good quality patties of your choice.

Onions are very essential, it’s what make the burgers taste exceptionally better! Chop onions however you like, place in a pan on a low heat with 2 knobs salted butter and soften for 30 minutes. You can cook this ahead of time or depending how you like your onion really, if you don’t like using onion, that’s okay.

Grill ground beef patties, 12 minutes for medium rare or slightly longer if you want it well done. Beef burgers that are still soft and pink on the inside are very safe to eat. Unlike other meats, beef meats are dense and carry less bacteria therefore most of the time it’s eaten a little raw.

For that bad-arse burger, top it up with generous amount of onion and melted mozzarella cheese.

Lastly the mushrooms, sprinkle with 1 tbsp olive oil, a bit of pepper and grill until cooked thoroughly.

Well arranged burgers resting on an excess roof slate and bamboo cutting board for a more rustic presentation. Both are incredibly delicious! I hope you have a good time creating your own burger at home!



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