Pan-fried Scallop and Crunchy Salad

Recreating Gordon Ramsay’s scallop and salad recipe, the only difference made was that, this is “swear free”. The saltiness of the scallop mixed with the crunchiness of the apple brings such great texture and combination of flavours all into one dish. This is a simple yet healthy alternative when you have such a hectic schedule.



3 tbsp Olive oil

400 gram small scallops, cleaned

1/2 Lemon juice

1 medium size granny smith apple

2 handful of lamb lettuce

Salt and pepper

Pinch of chilli flakes (optional)

I would start by making the salad. Jullienne one apple and press half a lemon over it as fast as you can, preventing sticks from turning brown when exposed to air. Set aside


Beautiful fresh lamb lettuce! The more crisp and crunchy they are the more delectable the meal will become. Before you enggage in scallop pan frying, make sure the pan with 2 tbsp olive is piping hot.

How to pan fry scallops? I’m using small chunks of scallops which makes frying time very delicate. Look how beautiful they came out! Some days I would also crave for scallop ceviche. yum!

I only sprinkled a bit of salt and pepper over the scallops and that is all you need to do. For the lettuce, trim out roots and wash thoroughly before mixing the salad all together.

Finish off with extra salt and pepper on top! Serve Immediately!



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