The Wonderful Eton mess

Eton mess is a traditional English dessert consisting of whipped cream, raspberry and meringue mixed together. Apparently raspberry is a symbol of kindness that’s the biblical theory, while some people think its cane has power to calm horses, so much for being a little fruit. “Eton mess’ originated from the boarding school ‘Eton College’ located in Berkshire England, David Cameron the previous UK PM was a former pupil. Anyway, this dessert is obviously spot on, and was traditionally served during a special sport event at the college! The tradition lives on, all you need is a whisking tool to have a wonderful dessert in a matter of minutes. I would normally add a bit more summer fruits on top if I could, crumble a bit more meringue instead of using icing sugar, meringue is also as good. Then add mint or thyme leaves to garnish. I’d say avoid using frozen raspberries because as soon as it starts defrosting, it will make the dessert watery. 


600 ml double cream,whipped

300g or 3 punnets of raspberry

1 tray  of Meringue containing 6 large pieces, crumbled

Thyme or mint leaves to garnish

The crucial part is always when you are adding those lovely raspberries. Very carefully fold in the fruits, using a spatula slowly mix it together with the cream and cumbled meringue. Make sure the fruits remain in good form. Or add all ingredients layer by layer into a nice serving bowl. 



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