Beautiful Homemade Spicy Crabcakes

As a great seafood lover and with my undying love for all sorts of seafood recipes, I have been making this crabcake for as long as my cooking memory can remember. With my previous attempts, I have failed with the patties constantly. As soon as I drop them in a hot frying pan they crumble apart. I was astonished knowing that I have added the right amount of egg yet they don’t stick together. Filling and binding is always the crucial part, turned out I was missing out on bread crumbs, just the right amount of bread crumbs was all I needed. Coriander is another essential ingredient, it enhances, gets rid of the fishy smell and adds enticing flavour. If you have coriander you’re good to go! Most importantly, the chilli is what makes the meal so exciting, the “kick” helps to balance out everything. This spicy Asian inspired recipe is heavenly.


100 gram bread crumbs

200 gram fresh white crab meat

100 gram fresh brown meat

1 free range egg, whisked

1 birds eye red chilli, finely chopped

2 spring onions, finely chopped

2 tbsp. coriander, roughly chopped

Salt and pepper

4 tbsp. vegetable oil for frying

Store-bought sweet chilli dipping sauce

1 lime cut into wedges



Combine all ingredients in a large bowl. Divide the mixture and start to form/mould crab patties in equal portions, this recipe makes about 5-6 small patties.

It’s relatively easy to find good quality crab meat at any local fish mongers, don’t go for the tinned meat! As the saying goes “never settle for less because you desserve the best”! 

Heat oil in a non-stick pan, then fry the patties for 10 minutes, or depending on how large or small they are, fry until golden brown. Flip over from time to time, make sure both sides are cooked evenly. 

Brown crab meat adds a really nice flavour to the dish, if you don’t fancy the brown, you can always skip it. Personally, I have tried without but it wasn’t as tasty as these once.  

Looking golden and delicious, they came out intact and cooked. Serve with salad, sweet chilli sauce and lime wedges on the side. Absolute pleasure!




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