Traditional Beef Goulash

The cooking saga continues…

It has been the third week in the Culinary Arts Academy already. I know! so exciting, right? Getting up every day on a new mission, befriending new people from all around the globe and exploring this beautiful place. We were greeted this Friday morning with the ingredients to make a traditional Hungarian beef goulash. Everything was gathered nicely on a table. Our chef wanted to show us how simmering/stewing is done. First time of actual cooking at the application kitchen! Can you imagine the look of excitement on our faces?

So, preparation comes first, onions and bell peppers of different colours were sliced into strips and beef was cut into cubes. Onions and beef shoulder were glazed with clarified butter until the beef was partially cooked in a big pan. Bell peppers and tomatoes were added. Cooking wine was added to deglaze the mixture. Stock and paprika were then added and the mixture was covered and was allowed to simmer under low heat for over 1 hour or until the beef is soft and tender. Use the oil that has been used to cook the meat to glaze the carrots, leek and celery roots that have been cut in mirepoix. Add wine, stock and season. Add the mixture to the beef together with a bouquet garni and bake in the oven for a maximum of 1 hour.

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