Winter trip to Grindelwald and Blausee, Switzerland

My boyfriend took me on a snowy trip up to Swiss mountain. It was risky yes as both of us had no experience driving on icy roads, and neither of us grew up in Europe. Risky enough that I started worrying if I’ll make it to my practical exam the following day.

But taadaaa.. the trip went well hence the beautiful photos. After a couple of vehicle skidding incidents, we managed to drive up to Grindelwald. A charming mountain village located at the Bernese Alps and quite a popular place for skiing in winter and hiking escapade during summer. 

There are numerous places to stay in the village, plenty of places to give your stomach the ultimate Swiss food experience. And don’t forget the scenic winter view. 

Image by google search

After, we head down to Blausee. Another beautiful place an hour or so by car from Grindelwald, if you are driving very carefully and slowly that is 🙂  


Blausee is a beautiful blue lake in the midst of a small nature park, with a surface area of 1.6 acres and a maximum of 10 metres water deep. The crystal clear and romantic blue water lake is a beautiful backdrop all year round. 


Apparently, the intense deep blue water is the tears of a maiden who drowned and died in the lake because of sadness after her lover’s death. The lake is also a safe haven for trout fish, lots of them happily swimming around. I am not so sure if fishing is allowed. 

There is one hotel right in front of the lake for people who would want to spend overnight or longer. I had one of the best cups of hot chocolate there, sipping right in front of the hotel’s fireplace, it was a very cosy treat. 


A beautiful quote I once read says:  “To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold” and right there you experience first hand the depth of winter.

Yes, I came from Asia.. and we don’t get snow where I grew up so this is all very mesmerising for me.

Right below is a photo of the lake during autumn I found online.

Image by Luca D



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