Skiing in Switzerland

Photos from the trip

I tried skiing for the first time! At the most beautiful skiing place you could probably go in Switzerland. Verbier is an alpine village in the South-Western part of Switzerland. The place is apparently known as one of the many premier ski resorts in the world. They have 4 valley ski areas with the best scenic view, dangerous short and long terrains for snowboarders and skiers, pro or beginners. 

It’s about two hours away from the city of Geneva by train to Le Chable. Le Chable is another small town at the foot of the mountain, the local St. Bernard Express train runs from Martigny and finishes in Le Châble. To get up to Verbier village, it takes another 5 minutes gondola ride. 

When we arrived at the village, we immediately looked for a place to get our ski passes and skiing equipment. It was not so difficult, the entire town is full of luxurious sport-shops, restaurants, and hotels. very much accessible by car, they also have a free shuttle as well as cable cars that run around the area regularly. 

For beginners, the village has ski schools and at the foot of the mountain away from the steep slopes only for the pros.

An abundance amount of snow greeted us the following day as we head up to the mountain on a gondola. The weather was not so kind to us, it was snowing and very windy making it so difficult for me to ski.

We went up to La Chaux and after one attempt I decided to give up and try the ski school.  Best decision ever! There I was able to learn slowly with the help of my two most wonderful teachers 🙂 

Of-course every beautiful experience must come to an end. Headed back to our temporary home then on our third day after a cup of hot chocolate and salted caramel pancake at The Milkhouse Cafe. It was a delicious way to end our trip 🙂 xx R



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