Food trip around the Philippines

Aubergine salad with tapenade
Chicken Barbecue
Bulalo | Beef Stew
Food for champions


During my school break in September 2017, I was able to go home to the Philippines again. I have two sisters that both live and work in Manila area. The crowded capital of the Philippines. And so I dragged them and we head out for a food adventure of a lifetime haha!. First, we tried Leslie’s in Tagaytay City. Tagaytay is branded as the second summer capital of the Philippines, famous for its cooler climate just like Baguio City and home for the Taal volcano, the smallest active volcano in the world. 

Visiting Tagaytay, part of the province of Cavite won’t be the same without trying out Leslie’s. Leslie’s Restaurant is one of the many convenient restaurants to dine in along Aguinaldo road, famous for its Bulalo, a very tender beef stew with vegetables in a broth along with different kinds of vegetables. 

We have tried almost everything on the menu, Chicken barbecue, steamed or grilled aubergine with shrimp paste dipping sauce, calamari, chicken sisig, Buko juice and Leche Flan. Most of it was amazing, the only problem was it became cold quickly because of the restaurant’s open plan concept, allowing the customers to enjoy the beautiful view of Taal Volcano. 

The best part was that while having dinner, a band would serenade you with a song of your choice.. it was truly an experience! 

Next stop…Container Turf, located in Aguirre Avenue, Sucat Parañaque. I picked up my sister after work and we headed down to try this place. The concept was cool, basically, you walk into a food park or food haven! You’ll find a lot of mini food stalls you can walk up to and order food from the windows. They have a Fusion of Asian cuisine as well as pasta and typical Filipino dish that I have never heard and tried before! Mini-bars are also available for those who love a glass of beer to a shot of tequila. It was truly amazing!! 

As you can see from the photo, the place is packed. 

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