Black Forest Gâteau

I must admit, pastry is one of my weaknesses as a cook. But I like to challenge myself, as a Chef, I should be able to perform and cook in all aspect.

This Black forest cake with German origin is one of the many cakes you can find all over the world as well as in the Philippines where I am from. It is a classic masterpiece. Everybody’s favourite. 

Black forest is made of multiple layered of sponge filled with cherry fruits soaked in kirsch.

When I took pastry in school, this is one of the main recipes I had to perform to pass my culinary course. First, whip egg yolk with sugar (fast speed) and wait until it’s at a ribboning stage. Set aside.

Whip the egg whites in a separate bowl with the same amount of sugar until it foams (medium speed and adding sugar slowly), when the two mixtures are ready, slowly and always fold the light mixture into the heavy mixture,.. slowly, because you want to avoid creating air bubbles. Transfer to a baking tin and simply bake for 20 minutes over 180 degrees. 

Big air bubbles are bubbles that form in cake batter during the mixing process, these air bubbles if not avoided turns into holes in the baked cake. So always mix your batter in a medium speed just make sure it is mixed enough. 

For the final touch, slowly build up the cake by layering it up with the sponge, a bit of caramelized cherries and whipped cream. Once you have achieved your desired cake height cover the cake with the remaining whipped cream, and top it up with shaved chocolate, press into the sides.

To make it very fancy, finish it off by topping it up with fresh cherry fruits dust with icing sugar and et voila… you have a sinfully delicious black forest cake!

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