The Avocado Show, Amsterdam

During my travels to Amsterdam, I have discovered a lot of things. From historical places to museums, windmills, canals and other “interesting things” the city has to offer, I also found this restaurant called “The Avocado Show”. With all the hypes and out of curiosity I had to find out what this place was all about. And the visit worth it! I have gone back to eat and I will keep going back given the chance because they offer healthy, incredibly tasty and most of all fun dishes and for those who love avo like me this place is heaven! 

This restaurant is located in the city of Amsterdam, creates and serves visually stunning avocado meals paired with refreshing and tasty drinks as well. It’s a “first come, first serve at the door” policy, so no reservations possible. Just walk in, sign up with the host and enjoy the show! 

Homemade lemonade to start with.. 


Banana, avocado, cinnamon in coconut water smoothie – Sounds so healthy right? This restaurant is LIFE! 


THE PUMPKIN PANACHE ROSE – pumpkin spread, pickled red cabbage, daikon cress and pumpkin seeds, served with an avocado rose on top.



THE TRUFFLE TREASURE – sliced avocado, stacked chicken thighs, truffle mayo,
parmesan cheese, radish and watercress – Très magnifique! hands down my favourite from the menu. 


Avocado waffles with Nutella sauce! Ahh, La vie est belle indeed! 





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