The hustle and bustle in New York City

Good morning on this sunny Saturday! 

I was in New York a couple of days ago and there, I experienced New York in summertime. Tourists are scattered all over the places, locals trying to live their daily lives along with the tourists, typical New York taxis and tour buses honking here and there, shoppers crossing the pedestrians, moving in a rapid pace, a lot of food trucks and vendors almost in every street’s corner, you see everyone in action in New York City.

The city is indeed a very busy place to be but what a wonderful sight to see! Amid all these, there are a lot of things New York is famous for and why it is a city worth visiting!  First would be the beautiful skyline. You only have to find a spot where you can soak-in the beauty from above although on land is also not too bad. 


img_1885img_1590img_1091Surrounded by beautiful buildingsfacetune_22-07-2018-11-36-22Grand Central Station’s main concourse – Admiring this beautiful terminal landmark, built in 1903 and one if not the most extra-ordinary station I’ve ever seen! It is in reality a large public space hence the name “grand”where everyone rush to catch their trains, in and out of the city. It has its own character just like Amsterdam Central or London’s King’s Cross, so uniquely beautiful. 


img_1576-1Time Square is where you’ll find theatres in Midtown west, advertisements on large billboards, and chains of restaurants and stores. Again a place packed with tourists and I believe a place open almost 24 hours. 


This music hall is an entertainment venue and also considered the showplace of the nation located in Manhattan. A lot of sold out concerts have been performed in this place. 


The last two photos are the Flatiron building and One world trade centre. On my next post It will be about food and a lot more about New York!

New York what a beautiful city.. 

R x


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