My Unique Culinary Journey in Switzerland!

Becoming a Chef was never my dream! I dreamt of being a teacher when I was in grade school, I wanted to become a mechanical engineer when I became a bit older, then I ended up taking midwifery course hoping to become a nurse which was something that I didn’t really like but during that time it was a hit in the Philippines. 

Learning different type of herbs

Cooking big batches of food

Life moved on, I took photography training, I really enjoy taking photographs mostly portrait up to now. The technical aspect became my weakness 😦 Sad I know! Before that I was already cooking and making meals for very special people, I had short work experiences in small coffee shops during my teenage years.

Then food became very interesting, it fascinates me how you can make something beautiful out of very ordinary ingredients. This, of course, includes the art of plating etc.. Wait! Being a pilot also interest me at some point but then I had very bad marks in Physics and Math and again it is very costly, college seemed out of reach so did culinary school!

We did cooking demo for promotional purposes
Detailed lesson about baking a Black Forest Cake and more.
Beef Carpaccio

A great opportunity came around, very grateful for the people who believed in me, I was lucky enough to get to study in Switzerland. I studied cooking food, variety of food, international and local cuisines, history of food and so much more. I met new people and some special ones that changed and became a part of my life forever. The school taught me the basic to more advance cooking techniques.

Fine dining event

We studied theory and a lot of practical classes to apply everything we learned in the classroom. During weekends we visited public markets, beautiful sceneries and did other outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, picnics etc. Also being able to hangout by the lake after class during sunset was always the highlight of my day. 

img_4142Friends and school-mates on an after-school “tea party” by the Lake ( Lake Geneva)

Time flies,  the moment arrived.. It was time to leave the nest, goodbyes were said or maybe it was more of see you around. Time to get real-life experience in the kitchen – the beginning of my career.

Always grateful for the love and support of the people who have made this possible for me and for those who have dreams, never give up on your dreams. Also merci to my Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland for this very unique experience. 

 “love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life”


Meanwhile keep yourselves safe at home, always sanitise and be mindful of what’s happening. This pandemic will come to pass! 

x R


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