The Classic, Authentic Pad Thai

Authentic Pad Thai in Manila? why not! I used to eat Pad Thai almost every weekend at this very cute, Thai Food shack at Le Bouveret, Switzerland. Le Bouveret is a small village of Port Valais at the southern part of Lac Leman or Lake Geneva. Living in Switzerland, the cheese capital of the world,Continue reading “The Classic, Authentic Pad Thai”


How to cook Frittata

I was craving for some good frittata this weekend, i checked online some interesting recipes to recreate at home.. and voilà … Frittata à la moi! Frittata is the Italian version of omelette nothing fancy. Just like the omelette you are free to add anything you like ingredient wise, never get scared to innovate andContinue reading “How to cook Frittata”

Pandesal, A Taste of Home

Pandesal is probably the most simplest and common bread in the Philippines. Made of simple ingredients (flour, egg, yeast, sugar, salt) yet it is beloved by every filipino and found in every Panaderia (Boulangerie/Bakery). It’s popular for Breakfast or afternoon Merienda, a typical way of eating Pandesal is by dipping it into a cup ofContinue reading “Pandesal, A Taste of Home”

SUMAN, A Filipino Delicacy

In Filipino cuisine Suman is a traditional delicacy serve as breakfast, merienda or dessert. It’s a steamed or boiled cake made of root crops wrapped in banana leaves. Suman come in different shapes and flavours and are usually found in parties and very special occasions like Christmas or Fiesta. Most filipino households make it toContinue reading “SUMAN, A Filipino Delicacy”