SUMAN, A Filipino Delicacy

In Filipino cuisine Suman is a traditional delicacy serve as breakfast, merienda or dessert. It’s a steamed or boiled cake made of root crops wrapped in banana leaves. Suman come in different shapes and flavours and are usually found in parties and very special occasions like Christmas or Fiesta. Most filipino households make it to a point to have suman on their tables because every celebration is not complete without suman as part of the meal. It is also very easy and fun to make.

To make suman bilanghoy(cassava as base, you could also make suman using glutinous rice), you need the following simple ingredients below:

Yield: 65 pcs. 8kg Grated cassava, 1 medium size butternut squash (boiled and mashed), 1kg to 1.5kg brown sugar (add accordingly), 2 tbsp vanilla extract, salt to taste, 3 cups coconut cream/milk.

Add any flavouring of your choice.. example: you can add chocolate or mix it with purple yum, anything you can think of that blends well with cassava. As much as you want to keep the original taste you can also experiment a little its not a crime. Innovation is key in cooking.

First step is to grate the cassava, squeeze out the unhealthy and toxic liquid from it. Freshly grated is always better than frozen store bought ones. Here we have 8 kg of grated cassava and about 3 cups of half coco cream half coco milk. Mix in sugar, salt and vanilla extract.. the sweetness is all up to you. When the mixture is ready, wrap it up using trimmed banana leaves. Banana leaves also add a minty flavour to the suman hence why it’s commonly use as packaging or as disposable plates.

Boil or steam for 40-45 minutes. In the province, many households have their outdoor wood fire kalan/makshift stove. Food cooked using wood results in a much nicer flavour. I prefer the kalan more than the gas stove when it comes to cooking my favourite suman.

Suman is best paired with black coffee for merienda and breakfast. Enjoy!!


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