What Kind of Bread Can Be Used For French Toast?

BRIOCHE is the most common or typical bread used for french toast as it is rich and buttery. However this bread is hard to find here in Manila, we have basic breads and the bread loved by the locals, our pride and joy, pandesal! Pandesal french toast it is then! This is how I likeContinue reading “What Kind of Bread Can Be Used For French Toast?”

Spaghetti, Comfort Meal Recipes

Two beautiful and delicious recipes to try at home. Step up your game by making these homemade pasta dishes! The pesto sauce itself is so good you would want to make your own homemade pesto whenever you crave pesto pasta. I do like the idea of making and using fresh pastas but store-bought pasta isContinue reading “Spaghetti, Comfort Meal Recipes”

Creamy, Rich Chicken Curry

Who doesn’t love a coconut rich and creamy chicken dish? Here is my version of the famous chicken sa gata Bicolano dish and by far the best version I made:) Bicol is a region in the southern part of Luzon island of the Philippines, famous for the majestic Mount Mayon, scenic places and pristine beaches,Continue reading “Creamy, Rich Chicken Curry”