Spicy Chicken Adobo with Homemade Pineapple Jam

A simple but very delicious adobo lies in the process, freshness of ingredients and its regional twists as well. Each region has their own version so I might as well try experiment my own. This time I want to make it spicy and a little sweet at the same time.

Finally a spicy adobo recipe with a twist! I think it is a common knowledge that adobo in the Philippines is considered as the national dish of the country.

Sugar is usually added to any adobo dish to balance the saltiness of the dish. A lot would use pineapple as substitute, caramelising pineapple first before adding the meat and the rest of the vegetables. In my experience the dish become sour if you add it raw. That’s why I wanted to try use a jam instead and luckily it worked! Its sweet and the fruity flavour is there but not sour at all.

To make pineapple jam is easy, all you need is 1 cup pineapple, 2 cups brown sugar, 1 cup water and a squeeze of lemon. Cook until pineapple is soft and the entire mixture is thick.

Adobo Recipe:

Birds Eye Chillies 8 pieces, 2 potatoes, 1 large carrots, onion, garlic, ginger, pineapple jam, soy sauce, cane vinegar, bay leaves, black pepper, one whole chicken into chunks and seasoning. Best thing to do is always marinate the meat overnight or more. Enjoy!



Hello everyone!

I came home to the Philippines after 2 years of culinary school and Internship both in Europe and in the United States. It was a tough one lol but I can say it changed my life for the better. While It is summer over here, I took the opportunity to explore my own country!. I have lived and been to a lot of beautiful places outside the Philippines but I have not been able to explore my own. Now having the opportunity to do so, for my first trip I went to Puerto Galera.

Puerto Galera is the closest beautiful island beach destination in Manila, I travelled with my sister over one weekend. To get there was very easy, we took the public transport to Batangas Port where you ride the ferry across the Island of Mindoro. It took only 45 minutes to sail over and voilà you have beautiful beaches to yourself! Well, not really as it was a bit packed with tourists.

Having Taho is like reliving my childhood days. Taho is a snack made of fresh tofu. Sweet, warm and silky served with tapioca pearls. yum!
Fresh coconut water by the beach is lush! Better than a mojito or Moscow mule! yum, yum, yum!

We spent our entire time at White Beach, It took roughly 10 minutes drive from port to White Beach making it easy and accessible for us. We swam, sat and eat by the beach during the day and towards the evening we enjoyed the nightlife they have to offer. It wasn’t too bad with music and a few shows.

Fire dance
Massage by the beach too!

A lot of fun activities were offered, offered because the people come and sell it to you at the beach, they have snorkelling, diving, parasailing and more. We didn’t really try any of those as what we really wanted was only to be able to relax and enjoy by the beach, a lazy kind of day by the beach sort to say. Food and drinks were delicious, but we had to be extra careful of where and what to buy. I ordered mainly à la carte to be on the safe side. A lot of food stalls has cooked meals to sell, but I was doubtful.

When you get properly educated about food handling, food safety and HCCAP suddenly you become aware of how people can easily get sick by food contamination, food spoilage especially under hot weather which can lead to food poisoning.

Anyway the trip was after all a beautiful and successful trip. I will definitely go back. Up next is El Nido, Palawan. xoxo

Food trip in New York City

The last time I visited the Big Apple, I had the the best food adventure, I explored the city from North to South, cycle from West to East Manhattan just to find all these lovely places to eat. The best thing about living in the city is that it’s so easy to find places to eat, from exclusive restaurants to affordable bites, endless options right around the corner. 

These are a few places I think has the best food to offer! 

Bagels at Best Bagels and Coffee

This place was by far the best Bagel I have had in New York! And what is the best next thing to  bagel? hazelnut coffee!! As you can see the place was completely packed! People would literally crowd the place even before it opens everyday I was there everyday too!).

Patiala Indian Grill For dinner, my boyfriend and I found this really cozy Indian restaurant down at 38th street. It was small with only 20 sitting but the food was really not too bad. We had amazing lamb biryani and chicken tikka masala. Plus a really nice mango lassi on the house!

Pizza at Little Italy

The following day we head down to lower Manhattan for another food adventure! I’ve always heard that pizza in New York is the best so we went to Little Italy for a real authentic Italian Pizza and it was indeed very delicious.

Ice cream in Chinatown

People usually come here for the culture and the food as well. As for me, I found this cute little Ice cream shop in the middle town, as I was craving for exotic flavoured Ice cream and bubble tea. The beautiful street arts and a lot more are an extra bonus.


Haru Sushi

We had sushi and amazing Japanese lemongrass soup one rainy night after visiting Brooklyn. This place is located at Wall street in lower Manhattan, but I believe it has outlets all over the city, you just have to find the nearest location and of course the best place as well. The sushi were impressive! I am a big fan of Japanese food, I can eat it anytime. 

Taiyaki NYC offers soft-serve Ice cream with taiyaki cones. This place is known for their fish- shaped Japanese waffle that is chewy inside & crispy on the outside. Filled with custard, chocolate or serve as a plain waffle cone. More Ice cream, I know! 

Chelsea Market-  next is an enclosed food court located in Chelsea neighbourhood. Make sure to stop by and experience the really cool industrial vibe of the place as well as their local food. 

Il Mullino New York

Had dinner at Il Mullino’s main branch in New York but it was a little disappointing. The place is great, the service was amazing but they lack on food. The food they serve was somehow plain and quite pricy for its quality. But It was still fun to try. 

And that is all for now! 


Thank you for reading! 

The hustle and bustle in New York City

Good morning on this sunny Saturday! 

I was in New York a couple of days ago and there, I experienced New York in summertime. Tourists are scattered all over the places, locals trying to live their daily lives along with the tourists, typical New York taxis and tour buses honking here and there, shoppers crossing the pedestrians, moving in a rapid pace, a lot of food trucks and vendors almost in every street’s corner, you see everyone in action in New York City.

The city is indeed a very busy place to be but what a wonderful sight to see! Amid all these, there are a lot of things New York is famous for and why it is a city worth visiting!  First would be the beautiful skyline. You only have to find a spot where you can soak-in the beauty from above although on land is also not too bad. 


img_1885img_1590img_1091Surrounded by beautiful buildingsfacetune_22-07-2018-11-36-22Grand Central Station’s main concourse – Admiring this beautiful terminal landmark, built in 1903 and one if not the most extra-ordinary station I’ve ever seen! It is in reality a large public space hence the name “grand”where everyone rush to catch their trains, in and out of the city. It has its own character just like Amsterdam Central or London’s King’s Cross, so uniquely beautiful. 


img_1576-1Time Square is where you’ll find theatres in Midtown west, advertisements on large billboards, and chains of restaurants and stores. Again a place packed with tourists and I believe a place open almost 24 hours. 


This music hall is an entertainment venue and also considered the showplace of the nation located in Manhattan. A lot of sold out concerts have been performed in this place. 


The last two photos are the Flatiron building and One world trade centre. On my next post It will be about food and a lot more about New York!

New York what a beautiful city.. 

R x

Vigan, Ilocos Sur | Philippines II


Local mango shake made out of fresh and very ripe sweet Filipino mango


Right after Banaue, we drove down to the beautiful city of Vigan. I have always dreamt of visiting Vigan, Vigan city is one of the many well-preserved Spanish colonial towns in Asia. The construction of beautiful old houses provides so much of a European vibe. Walking around Calle Crisologo for instance made me feel like I was indeed in Spain. 

We stayed overnight at Hotel de Salcedo. Situated in the centre of Vigan, it is within a 5-minute walk to Crisologo Museum,  Public Market, and St. Paul’s Metropolitan Cathedral, literally provides easy access to all the city has to offer. 




Kalesa was once the ride for VIPs in the 18th century introduced by the Spaniards. 


Hotel de Salcedo is a charming, historical Hotel converted mansion. 



They serve breakfast at the main restaurant within the Hotel. I love the Fried Bangus which I have not eaten in ages. Bangus or Milkfish is marinated overnight and crispy fried usually served with rice.

Most of the restaurants around the area are extremely busy at night. It could take 30 to 40 minutes to get a table unless you want to settle for fast street food, which aren’t too bad at all, it is a real pinoy experience. 


We also visited a couple of places, one is the beautiful Hidden Garden de Vigan. Inside, although small you’ll find a wide range of home-grown botanical plants. It is usually free and open to the public all day. Within the yard they have a restaurants that serve local Vigan Especialties. Such as Vigan Longanisa (Sausage), they have amazing halo-halo dessert as well (Image above)



To sum up the day, we went to a nearby beach for a quick dip, had our last dinner in Vigan by the beach then head back to Manila. Vigan is definitely a place worth visiting! 

x R

The Avocado Show, Amsterdam

During my travels to Amsterdam, I have discovered a lot of things. From historical places to museums, windmills, canals and other “interesting things” the city has to offer, I also found this restaurant called “The Avocado Show”. With all the hypes and out of curiosity I had to find out what this place was all about. And the visit worth it! I have gone back to eat and I will keep going back given the chance because they offer healthy, incredibly tasty and most of all fun dishes and for those who love avo like me this place is heaven! 

This restaurant is located in the city of Amsterdam, creates and serves visually stunning avocado meals paired with refreshing and tasty drinks as well. It’s a “first come, first serve at the door” policy, so no reservations possible. Just walk in, sign up with the host and enjoy the show! 

Homemade lemonade to start with.. 


Banana, avocado, cinnamon in coconut water smoothie – Sounds so healthy right? This restaurant is LIFE! 


THE PUMPKIN PANACHE ROSE – pumpkin spread, pickled red cabbage, daikon cress and pumpkin seeds, served with an avocado rose on top.



THE TRUFFLE TREASURE – sliced avocado, stacked chicken thighs, truffle mayo,
parmesan cheese, radish and watercress – Très magnifique! hands down my favourite from the menu. 


Avocado waffles with Nutella sauce! Ahh, La vie est belle indeed! 




Banaue Ifugao, Philippines


Dirty ice cream is a must try when in the Philippines. it is made out of local carabao milk, so delicious!


Super cool ice-cream wafer cones


Dirty ice-cream

Banaue Town

Towards the public market

A local weaver

The scenic view

Foggy morning

Ready to brave the rain


Just very recently I travelled to Banaue and ended up in Batad. Batad is a Unesco world heritage listed village in Ifugao, Philippines. To get there is a pain, but once you reached the place you’ll see why its worth the long and winding journey. 

The beautiful pristine village of Batad nestled in between the carved mountains of well-irrigated rice paddies, rice paddies built by the indigenous people of Ifugao, Philippines. The man-made, and I shall say “très magnifique” masterpiece is said to date back to 6000 years ago. Because of its beauty, Batad or the town of Banaue, in general, is one of the many top tourist destinations in the Philippines. 

Leaving the unbearable heat of Manila at 1am, it took 8 hours drive to get to Banaue, Ifugao. Banaue is a municipality in the province of Ifugao and Batad is one of the many small villages of Banaue.

These little villages or barangays as we call it in the Philippines, are built around the mountain which makes it tricky to reach by any vehicle. On foot is the way to go to get to Batad. We drove up to the end of the not so well paved road from Banaue town, we were able to park the car at a makeshift carpark,  and it was about half an hour walk from the end of the paved road to Batad village.

Immediately you will be surrounded by rice paddies, even walk among, along with it at its greenest. As we visited towards the end of September, it was rainy but that did not stop the adventure. A local served as our tour guide, tipped him a small amount for helping us with our bags all the way down to our accommodation for the night.

We spent the night at the village, we rented a room at one of the local mini-hotels in the area. They have breakfast to dinner menu or à la carte. It was good but the only thing that surprised me is they did not have a lot of local dishes to choose from. Actually, the menu was all pasta and meat. Probably to cater to foreigners as they did have 5 international guests the same time we’re there.

Apart from Chicken Tinola, Ssauteed Vvegetables, I also tried Chicken Adobo with white rice, the dishes are very commercialised for being a staple. Adobo is actually known as the main dish of the Philippines, anywhere in the world, a Filipino will always cook adobo with pride, love and care. It is a real culinary treat, a comfort food of a typical Filipino home and it must be promoted along with the other Filipino dishes. 

The images above are some of the many pictures I have captured during the trip. The top photo is moi holding a dirty ice cream. The reason behind why it is called dirty ice cream is maybe because of the unsanitary process of making it. Dirty ice creams are mainly homemade by its vendor and not factory made.  Ice cream vendors would then come around on colourful mini bicycles or decorated carts, selling ice cream. It’s a local treat come in different flavours, most Filipino grew up with this ice cream as it is without a doubt a dirty treat indeed!

The last few photos are our morning view the following day while sipping a cup of coffee, we had this picturesque view behind us. We head back to pick up the car, spend a little time at the public market and got some local bread ready for another long drive to our next destination….. Vigan, Ilocos Sur. To sum up this trip, It was definitely a very different adventure, perfect for people who love landscape and to experience a bit of rural life. Part II of this trip will be up soon 🙂 

x R