The Wonderful Eton mess

Eton mess is a traditional English dessert consisting of whipped cream, raspberry and meringue mixed together. Apparently raspberry is a symbol of kindness that’s the biblical theory, while some people think its cane has power to calm horses, so much for being a little fruit. “Eton mess’ originated from the boarding school ‘Eton College’ located in Berkshire England, David Cameron the pervious UK PM was a former pupil. Anyway, this dessert is obviously spot on, and was traditionally served during a special sport event at the college! The tradition lives on, all you need is a whisking tool to have a wonderful dessert in a matter of minutes. I would normally add a bit more summer fruits on top if I could, crumble a bit more meringue instead of using icing sugar, meringue is also as good. Then add mint or thyme leaves to garnish. I’d say avoid using frozen raspberries because as soon as it starts defrosting, it will make the dessert watery. 

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Cooking Risotto for the First Time

What to expect when cooking risotto for the first time?  Most of us would probably feel very hesitant or even scared! Too many negative ideas crossed my mind. Regardless, I still went for it because the way to learning is to try. The stirring process was intense, both arms were constantly in motion and working really hard, almost half an hour of stirring, that was. Cooking this recipe does require full attention as the saying goes “everyone waits for risotto and risotto wait for no one”! 

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Easy Beef Burger to Make at Home

How often do you crave and eat burger? at least once a week? If you do, home made or not? that proves you’re actually a nomal human being. Despite what people say about eating these sinful yet heavenly treat, we just couldn’t resist the mouthwatering, tempting taste of well prepared burgers. For those who are unaware, mushrooms are now a popular replacement for the actual bread buns (guilt-free option). Therefore if you are not very fond of the actual burger buns, mushroom is a definite option. Also one of my favourites.

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Prawn Garlic Linguine

This beautiful dish is a true classic, rich in lycopene, a meal made easy. Perfect comfort food for everyone who loves the combination of tomatoes and prawn. Good quality tomatoes are the key ingredient to achieve this delectable, savoury dish. So, go for that ready ripe, sweet and mouthwatering fresh tomatoes.  I like my tomatoes au naturale and for the special twist, i like adding anchovies plus its oil. Its packed with omega 3, good for the brain. Just be extra careful when adding anchovies as they are naturally salted. 

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Green Jelly and Shredded young coconut dessert

The first time I tasted this dessert was when I went to my friend’s house. There was a birthday party going on and an enormous amount of food was laid out nicely on the table, what caught my attention was this green jelly dessert forget about the other delicious dishes. I have had fruit salad growing up, and honestly the only dessert I know.. oh and also two flavours of ice cream sorbet (I was a strange kid running away from the good stuff). This one is apparently similar to fruit salad, but instead it only require two main ingredients, that is the jelly and coconut flesh. Anyway it was very exciting to try something new, I almost wanted to have it all to myself, but that’s impolite. Now, I can easily whip the dessert and i’m morethan happy about it. 

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Prawn Sinigang with Coconut Milk


It’s time to make prawn sinigang! Sinigang is a typical Filipino sour soup dish, it’s one of many dishes that really define and represent the Pinoy cuisine. It’s traditionally tamarind-based with good quality vegetables like aubergine, string beans and water spinach, history says sinigang is related to Malaysia’s singgang recipe, that i don’t know much about. This is a version with a twist of coconut milk to add extra thickness to the soup. I like using king prawns but you can also use beef, pork and fish. King prawns on the other hand blends really well with coconut milk. Sinigang is usually served as main dish with rice or to have the soup without the rice is absolutely fine.

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Roasted salmon with honey,soy sauce and ginger glaze

Fish glazed with a hint of Asian flavours. This healthy recipe is incredibly delicious and super easy to make. With the basic ingredients for the glaze, all you need to look forward to is whom to share this meal with. I’m very positive this is something that everyone in the family will enjoy. If you don’t fancy fried rice, this goes well with steamed vegetables too.

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Tom Yum Soup with coconut milk

Tom Yum is a well known prawn soup originally from Thailand, the name itself means “spicy, sour  flavour and the boiling process” but it actually does not take an enormous amount of time to make this dish.

It’s fairly simple, as long as you have all the ingredients ready. My favourite ingredient will always be the coconut milk, it adds that creamy goodness to it, also balance and counter the spicy and sour taste of the dish. Coconut milk is optional, this is just based on how i like my tom yum.

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